Bridge Creek(sold)

This is a stunning one of a kind 160 acre parcel with views over fireweed meadows and across the cook inlet.  The upper half of the property is open with bands of spruce and large areas of grass and fireweed.   The lower half of the property is wooded with bridge creek runningthrough the bottom corner of the land.  There are freshwater springs on the property.  The property is divided into 24 lots and one 80 acre remainder the lots being in the upper view part of the property.




There is a pedestrian trail and easement running through the lower 80 acres that is a part of my long standing effort to create more hiking and skiing trails in Homer.  This trail is only used in the winter at this time by the ski club on winters where there is good snow cover.

This property is for sale all together and is not available for sale on an individual lot basis.   It would be a great place for a few folks to create their own community as each family could have two or three lots for their kids or it could be great for an outdoor camp or recreation facility as there are driveways in place to each building site or camp or yurtsite.




This is a remote parcel it is off the grid and 2 miles to any regularly plowed or maintained road.  Crossman ridge road goes to the property, but it is not maintained.  As homer grows this parcel will likely prove to be a wise investment.