Our vision is to simply To be Homers finest neighborhood

A place where everyone has privacy and a beautiful view where you can walk out your door and on to trails and conserved lands created and protected by your neighborhood. A place where people build attractive architecturally interesting homes that are set into the landscape.

Why buy a view lot in Canyon Trails?

Canyon Trails site based design

Each home site in Canyon Trails was identified as the first step in the design process. In other words, we found the home sites first and made sure they had privacy from each other working outward from there. These sites were then cleared and shaped and improved to be ready for the construction of your new home. This process saves thousands of dollars in future development costs and ensures that homes sit in the landscape as a part of an overall design.

The objective of the project was for each lot to:

  • Have full city services maintained by the city of Homer including water, sewer, electric, natural gas, and high speed internet.

  • Privacy on each some site via large lots with preservation of vegetation, landscaping, and pre-preparation of the building sites.

  • Fabulous views and solar access that is protected over the years.

  • Direct access to pedestrian trails that head into the Bear Canyon trail system and into town.

Compare Canyon Trails


If you compare canyon trails with other projects either in town or out of town, you may find that Canyon Trails brings you the best value for your money.

Cost Savings

If you're comparing Canyon Trails lots to a lot further outside town without water and sewer make sure you really get a handle on what your costs are going to be. A septic system, well, electric and gas hookups, can all cost a fortune. It is easy to end up spending $50,000 or more to end up with the site preparations and utilities that are already in place within the existing lots in Canyon Trails. Get to know your costs on unimproved lots and you may well find a great value in building your home in Canyon Trails.


If you're comparing Canyon Trails lots to other lots in the city of Homer served with water and sewer, the lots in Canyon Trails are much larger than the lots in Stream Hill or Day Breeze Park and other city subdivisions. What that means for you is privacy from your neighbor and a lovely wooded subdivision with a sense of green space and spaciousness. When the typical subdivision in Homer with narrow 1/4 acre lots is built out you will not have to leave your deck to borrow some mustard from your neighbor. In Canyon Trails you will always have privacy from your home and your deck... sorry, you'll have to walk for that mustard.


Basic Information



The sewer in Canyon Trails is a liquid only system and maintained by the city of Homer. It requires an installation of a holding tank that separates out the solids. The tank and connecting sewer are maintained by the city of Homer.


Water is stubbed to each lot and maintained by the city of Homer


The roads Golden Plover and Kestrel were built to city of Homer specifications and will be maintained by the city of Homer.



Several lots are served by a driveway that is partially shared by two lots. These driveways are placed in a recorded driveway easement with a clear shared driveway agreement. The driveway sub grades were built in advance to ensure that each lot had a situation that was easy to move forward with during the building process.

Natural Gas

The natural gas has been paid for by the developers and is provided by Enstar. Many lots in Homer that have natural gas have an installation assessment that is unpaid.

Internet and Cable

All lots are served by GCI, Inc.



Covenants and Specifications

Lot # Size(Acres) Price
1 0.97 SOLD
2 0.74 SOLD
3 0.63 SOLD
4 0.73 SOLD
5 0.51 SOLD
6 0.71 SOLD
7 0.67 Reserved
8 0.67 SOLD
9 0.51 SOLD
10 0.51 SOLD
11 0.63 SOLD
12 1.09 SOLD
13 2.33 Reserved
14 1.28 SOLD
15 2.61 $135,000
Lot # Size(Acres) Price
16 1.78 $145,000
17 2.54 Reserved
18 2.69 SOLD
19 2.19 Reserved
20 2.17 $129,000
21 1.79 $105,000
22 0.79 $125,000
23 1.16 SOLD
24 1.14 SOLD
25 0.92 $135,000
26 0.58 SOLD
27 0.49 SOLD
28 0.37 SOLD
29 0.90 SOLD
30 0.78 SOLD
31 0.97 SOLD